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Hi friends! Im Jessica, but feel free to call me Jess! Im the face behind Reese Scott Photography.

My company is named after my driving force: My twins:  Lillian Reese & Landon Scott. The moments I have captured with them are some of my greatest treasures, and I am grateful to pass that same gift of memories on to my beloved clients.

Growing up, we never left the house without my mom's old 35mm camera.  I remember the little blue and white case it was in being present everywhere we went. I'm so grateful she instilled in me the need to document the little moments in life so well.

When I'm not creating art with my clients, I'm often listening to old records at home, or planning my next road trip with girlfriends.  

I've made so many new friendships from clients turned friends, and can't wait to connect with you!

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One of the things I treasure most are the images of my grandparents sprinkled throughout my house. This image was taken in 1953, when they were just 16 and 19.  My grandpa was leaving for the Navy & they decided to take a moment to have a photograph taken together at the local fair before his departure. A true memory captured in time of their love story. 

I'm so thankful to have photos like these - they mean so much to me & are my drive toward capturing priceless moments for other families to cherish for years to come.

Donald & Lulu

My why

The first time I remember listening to music was with my grandparents, propped on my Grandpa's knee as he bounced to the rhythm of the bluegrass record. I haven't been able to get enough music since.  I love to sing and listen to old records on repeat with a good glass of wine in hand.

Good music & Good Wine

Landon Scott is my gentle soul, always eager to climb on momma's lap to snuggle.  My daughter Lillian Reese is a mirror image of myself.  Sassy and strong-willed - but ready to do big things.  The true loves of my life, they make me a better person, and I'm so grateful to be their mom. 

life with my littles

Time with my friends is so precious to me, and as a mom especially, I value time with my girlfriends more than ever.  From road trips to Nashville to quiet nights in, I'm grateful for friends who keep me grounded & encouraged.

Girls Nights

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Documenting the small moments of life.  Lifestyle portrait photographer joyously located and serving Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

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